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Shepardson Early Elementary

Dates:  June 10-14, 2019

Location:  Shepardson Elementary,  1501 Springwood Dr. Fort Collins, CO

Time:  9am – 11:30am

Who: Students going into 1st – 3rd grades in the Fall of 2019 from any school, public, private or international. There is an application process and candidates need to have recommendations from a teacher (or parent for home-schoolers) and a non-parent adult. STEM students will need to have the ability to focus on a topic for a whole morning. Teachers will be experienced working with elementary-aged students and going deep with topics requires the ability to stay engaged.

How Much:  $165. Tuition includes snacks and course materials.

June 10-14, 2019 Classes


Can you help your new robot friend find an escape from the MAZE?! Yes, you can when you apply the programming skills to help the robot think on its own and find a way out! This class will combine coding and robotics to create a WAY OUT!

If you are looking for an adventure, then join our scientific safari team as we investigate animals, their habitats, how they find food, and how they protect themselves from predators. We will be gathering details about all shapes and sizes of animals in order to become expert animal researchers!

Shapes, graphs, and patterns, oh my! Math surrounds us and is a foundation for all STEM activities. While developing new ways of engaging with our world, students in this class will lead open, creative and visual math challenges. These captivating adventures will allow students to succeed at cultivating a growth mindset, building confidence as mathematicians and developing curiosity for the wonders of numbers.

Have you ever made S’mores using only energy from the sun? Join us on a Heroes journey and learn about how our planet works and how you can use the energy all around us to accomplish everyday tasks. We will learn ways to keep our planet beautiful and explore alternative ways to capture energy. Help us construct a Pizza Box Solar Oven to capture the sun’s energy to make S’mores. Come help us explore why there is sand at the beach and investigate how our Rocky Mountains help form beautiful sandy beaches. Do you ever wonder how canyons are formed? We will create a model landscape and use our observation skills to see how the landform changes when it rains. Join us and become a hero of our planet and make connections through creativity, literacy, and the arts.

We are finding alternatives to fossil fuels for our vehicles. The revolution in automotive power plants is just beginning! Electric cars are becoming more commonplace and we even have an electric roadster on its way to circle the sun. Students in this class will experiment in a variety of ways to make vehicles go! Go Car Go!…it will a great car party.

Calling all digital citizens! Do you have an imagination? Are you ready to merge gaming and engineering principles? Would you like to design, build, and construct another world? Join us for an exciting week of Minecraft adventures. Expand your current knowledge or learn how this popular game works. We will focus on working as a team in creative mode building a city that will need houses, bridges, and possibly redstone to power it. Let’s see how far we can dive into Minecraft together.

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